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About Us

In My Fatherz House

Purpose: (Mission) Turn trash into treasure. Turn recyclable trash into sustainable building material and polyester to build houses and shelters for the homeless and provide clothing to the underserved. Polyester turns into clothing and the trash turns into sustainable building material.

Vision: – To eradicate poverty one person at a time through sustainable housing, employment, community awareness, and peace of mind.

  • Plastic trash/unrecycled materials at all time high
  • No place to sell our recyclables anymore (China stopped accepting)
  • Housing Crisis – Lack of affordable housing has increased homelessness across the country and globally.
Homeless Epidemic
  • Makes ending homelessness attainable
  • Allows more organization to build housing & shelters with great quality materials on a quicker scale (avg 2 bed is constructed in five days with 4 people), allowing for more men, women and more importantly children to get off the streets.
Lack of Employment
  • Lack of solid, quality jobs in underdeveloped communities leads to poverty
  • We would create sustainable quality jobs in a variety of fields from City workers to clean communities, recyclers, seamstress to builders & construction workers.
  • Livable wages
Recycled building solutions
  • Creates Solutions
  • Affordable housing (low -mid income)
  • Shelter/transitional housing (homeless & underserved/at risk populations)
  • Community & Resource Centers (offers services needed in the community)
  • Employment in a variety of fields 
    • Recyclers
    • Machine operators
    • Factory workers
    • Construction/Builders
    • Clothing 
Perk for working
  • Live in rent free to scale housing or units (this helps pull people out of a poverty both mentally and visually)